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We recognize that people come from various economic backgrounds. We would like our services to be available to all irrespective of economic situation. With this in mind, and taking our schedules/time into consideration, we provide a sliding scale for individuals and organizations that are working with very limited budgets. Please email us for any further details.

Spiritual & life coaching

$100 a session (sliding scale options available)

Facilitation & Workshop Design/Delivery

A.) Custom Design and Facilitation of workshops ($500 - $1500/day)** +HST

  • specialization in conflict resolution, mediation, inclusion/diversity, anti-racism/oppression, strategic planning, evaluation

Conflict Mediation & Resolution

A.) Consultation, mediation and conflict resolution services ($500 - $1500/day)* + HST

: (Work, life, purpose, spirituality, goal setting, relationships, accountability, conflict resolution, opportunity, growth)

A.) Monthly fee ($375.00/month) + HST

  • 1.5 hours/month of advice/consultation by phone, skype, or in person*

  • Consultation within 48 hours as required

  • Minimum 3 month commitment

  • Payment due at end of month

B.) Retainer Package ($500.00 flat rate) + HST

  • 1.5 hours of consultation/advice by phone, skype or in person*

  • dates/times of consultation negotiated as required

  • no further commitment required following completion of package

  • payment upfront for package

  • further packages/services can be negotiated as required

C.) Individual contracting ($125.00/hour) +HST

  • Pay as we go

  • Hourly rate

  • Consultation by phone, zoom or in person*

Communication Services

A.) Writing, editing, strategic messaging, projects, social media and other communication requirements you may have (negotiable based on project requirements)

* Fee does not include travel expenses
**Fee does not include materials or travel expenses