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“Amber has a gift for slowing down and making space for difficult conversations in a way that feels gentle, supportive, and ultimately uplifting. She has a wise and open-hearted approach that I have seen her transform places of pain and stuckness into places of growth.- Joyce MacDonald, Director of Library & Archival Studies, Gaelic College, St. Ann's CB

"Terry tirelessly works for peace within the earth and the people of it, not in a combative manner, but in one of peace, optimism and hope. In all of Terry’s teaching and activism she leads by example with her massive heart, sage wisdom and down-to-earth welcoming humour."
- Norma-Jean MacPhee, freelance journalist.

Amber is an exceptionally skilled facilitator. I have experienced her abilities both as a participant and as a co-facilitator. She always seems to know just what is needed in the moment. She brings clarity to challenging situations and helps individuals to articulate their own experiences, motivations, and feelings honestly and respectfully. She is deeply committed to social justice and equity for all, and she has profound compassion for the people with whom she works. She is equally committed to learning and practising a healthy life, both mental and physical, and she is skilled at helping people to identify what will make their own lives healthier and happier.” - Heather Sparling, CBU Professor, Sydney, NS

"Terry teaches, befriends, challenges, shares and empowers. She gently reminds us of the essential and unending interconnectivity of all living beings on this earth – and our need to speak up and live a life that upholds equity and harmony for all. Terry is not one to stay in her comfort zone – knowing there are so many in our communities around the world not living in comfort. She gently guides students out of their comfort zones, and is there to support, encourage and celebrate the discoveries that accompany those brave steps."

The space that Amber holds is charged with purpose, courage and belonging. She asks the questions that allow us to feel and think our way to the best that our hearts and minds can offer, together in the social field. Building communities is truly Amber’s gift in this world!- Laura Rhodes, Halifax Lawyer

"I have known Terry for thirty years and have watched her grow and expand her horizons in every direction. I have never known anyone who is more committed to the principles of justice and equality. But, perhaps more importantly, Terry's principles aren't just abstractions; she carries them into everyday life, into all her interactions with the people with whom she interacts. Terry's principles are seamless, they apply to everyone equally - and that is, in my experience, a rare quality, but one that I treasure. I have been honored to call Terry a true friend and political ally for three decades, and know that the world is a better place because of her." - Kirby Evans, artist, author.

Time spent with Amber is good medicine. She is a passionate changemaker who has spent over a decade doing personal growth, spiritual and Gaelic cultural work. Traveling the world over, she has learned from healers, community leaders and local elder Gaels. Amber so humbly and openly encourages women to connect with their divine feminine. I appreciate her reminders to slow down in this busy world, taking time to breathe and connect with the body, allowing space for whatever comes up. I love seeing her facilitate because she is in her element. It's so inspiring. She was born to do this work. I have immense gratitude for Amber’s work and highly recommend her if you are on your own path of spiritual growth and empowerment.”- Emily MacDonald, Community Educator, Ainslie Glen, CB

"Each time I speak with Terry I leave feeling inspired and energized! Terry's abundant intelligence, curiosity, and energy make it easy to want to participate in any place she is engaged, whether that be in a university class or a community setting. Terry has opened my mind in many ways, firstly as a student and now as a dear friend. She will always seek out innovative approaches to change, and connects the dots (and people) to make things happen. Terry is a force and anyone who has the opportunity would be so lucky to work with her." - Rebecca MacDonald, grass roots advocate and social justice activist, is a former student of Terry's and has been a collaborator on several projects with the Global Social Justice Project at CBU and the Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network.

“I was recently part of a group gathering co-facilitated by Amber. She guided our group with presence and skill. Her facilitation style put me at ease and her grounded, welcoming energy encouraged us to be authentic with ourselves and with each other. Amber has the gift of creating a safe space where people can truly connect to listen and explore, then ultimately come away with more compassionate and constructive ways of moving through conflict so we can thrive in stronger relationships and communities.” - Cindy Hamilton, Gaels Jam Participant, Alberta, Canada

“Òmar | Amber, thank you for bringing YOU! I feel like you so naturally and gracefully hold complexities and nuance and both/ands without even trying, in both your language and your presence, that it really makes it clear that all parts of me/us are welcome. Your truth and authenticity are such a gift.” - Roan Coughtry, Gaels Jam Participant, Scotland

"I had the pleasure of meeting Terry through a course at CBU. As one of her students I was able to learn so much from Terry through her hard work and dedication to human rights, injustices that happen locally and far away, and also the resiliency and strength that she carries. I also had the opportunity to work with her on the Indigenization of the University. Terry is one of my favourite professors because of her passion for what she teaches and also the kindness and love she shares with those surrounding her. Today, I consider Terry a friend and someone I hold close to my heart, which I feel very grateful for as she is someone I think so highly of as an inspiration and role model in my life." - Kalo Sylvester, L'nu womxn.

“I have had the good fortune to be a participant in a week-long jam session that was led in part by Amber Buchanan and although I have never been involved in anything like it before, that week has continued to resonate with me. As 'facilitant', organizer, and promoter Amber and her passion and energy led a group of 30 people through some very challenging mental/social terrain to emerge stronger after 6 days. Any workshop or course that Amber offers is sure to be insightful, transformational and fun. Her excellent use of traditional Gaelic song and other customs as vehicles to explore personal growth and conflict are unlike anything else currently offered on the planet.” - Robert Pringle, Gaelic Electrician, West Bay, Cape Breton

“Amber brings her full and focused self into every interaction. Putting all in her presence at ease, she sets the perfect tone for learning and communication, allowing such space and honouring for all in attendance. I've gained so much from her learned approach, her vast knowledge base, intuitive ways, peaceful interactions, and great care for detail and inclusion. My respect for her runs deep as I greatly admire her gifts of leadership, maturity, and healing spirit. Put your trust in Amber, you won't be disappointed. - Margie Beaton, Director of Marketing, Gaelic College, Baddeck, NS

"I have been involved in community development work in Cape Breton for the past 40 years. So I've worked with many in the field so when I say that I see Terry Gibbs as a very talented and committed educator for action, you can put some weight behind that! As a professor of political science Terry is a very unique "academic" in that she voices her perspective and it is one of justice and equity and she is an activist concerned with working together to create a better world. I had the good fortune of going to India to participate in a course on Global Citizenship offered by Terry. We spent 10 fascinating days at Navdanya, an eco-farm started by the world-renowned economist Vandana Shiva. During those days, Terry led us through a process of learning through doing and reflection. We spent our days working, thinking, and in dialogue. We worked together in the fields and we brought every part of ourselves to the experience -our hands, our minds and our hearts." - Janet Bickerton RN Med, Health Services Coordinator, Ally Center of Cape Breton.

“Amber is simply a fantastic person - someone I admire a great deal and am happy to work with in any capacity. Not only is she brilliant, sensitive, assertive, understanding and always seeking to deepen connections, she engages in any task wholeheartedly and authentically, and is always accountable and truthful. I appreciate that Amber makes herself known and shows up in a real way; that I can trust what she says and that she will always bring her true self. In a group setting, she has a wonderful ability to bring people together by empowering the individual. I am delighted to hear about her new venture and excited to see all the good things it will bring to anyone she works with.” - Kenneth MacKenzie, Director of Education//VP Beinn Mhàbu, Colaisde na Gàidhlig, Mabou, NS

“I love how Amber truly believes in her work and how it can benefit others. She shines in this type of group endeavour.” - Stacey MacLean, MacKinnon’s Harbour, Cape Breton

“I have been involved in a variety of personal development/learning situations with Amber for the past 5 years. She brings deep compassion, keen perception, amazing intuition, sensitivity, and strong powers of articulation and clarification to every encounter. She does all this while maintaining a light touch and a ready sense of humor. She is a person of great personal integrity and I would trust her implicitly with important matters and matters close to my heart.” - Pat Norton, Retired Teacher, Wolfville, NS

“It's been such a delight for me to partner and work/play with Amber these last 8+ years on the Nova Scotia Gaels Jam. Amber brings a heart of pure gold to transformational work. She cares deeply about her community, listens with grace, and opens up space for connection, healing, and meaningful collaborations to emerge. She can be trusted to speak her truth and listen to yours with equanimity and compassion. Amber brings spiritual grounding and deft skill to facilitating conversations that matter.” - Shilpa Jain, Executive Director, YES!

“Well, your timing and care is wonderful. You have a great ability to see and name how people are feeling (or not feeling) and your invitations to notice are always spot on. It is a special gift.” - Amber Power, Head Chezzetcook, NS

“I would like to endorse Amber Buchanan in her very grounded and welcoming manner she hosted and facilitated a number of Gael Jam stay-in and online sessions I have attended over the past few years. I found that Amber brings to each session an array of what I would call 'healing tools' and a wide knowledge of expertise to support a person to sit and openly and examine the life experiences and range of emotions that they wish to address. She guides in a sensitive, respectful and fun manner through allowing for whatever arises to be in the present in a non-judgemental, compassionate manner. If you are looking for a life coach or excavator to journey a bit with she is very much worthy of spending time with.” - Gráinne Ní Fhoighil, Ireland

“I particularly enjoyed the sense of warmth and connection that you brought to the sessions, Òmar | Amber - the big groups, the breakout groups and also the WhatsApp chat. I also really liked the pre-meeting correspondence. There was so much joy and excitement, and it helped me to be excited too.” - Lisa MacDonald, Teacher, Writer, Singer, Scotland

“I first met Amber at the six-day online 2021 World Gaels' Jam in which she was a Facilitator. The Jam was about sharing in deep listening, self-discovery, systemic inquiry, community building and play. Not only was she very well organized, every day she brought an air of peace, kindness, acceptance, confidence, boundless energy and fun. Jam facilitators are also participants. As a participant, Amber was honest in her own deep sharing. She led by example with her amazing listening skills and treated everyone with respect. Although I was new to the group, it was much because of Amber's welcoming nature that I felt, still feel, as an integral part of this community. When the Jam finished, I was already looking forward to the next one. We continue to visit through some fun activities Amber initiated like Zoom yoga and hang out sessions. I love learning from Amber's diverse health and wellness skills. She creates and lives from her beautiful heart. Whatever she leads, I always leave inspired to be better and do more.” - Robin Roberts, Reiki Master Practitioner and Wildlife Biologist, Utah, USA

“I found you so calm and grounded in the sessions that it was a great help to me trying to settle in. Thank you for being able to handle the heavy but hold the light.- Nona MacDermid, President of Flourish Management Consulting, Halifax, NS

“You seemed so comfortable, not only in the Zoom realm, but in your love of Gaelic culture. I think you comfort level helped everyone to settle into the online world.” - Hillary Mueller, Founder of The Incredible Seed Company, NS

Amber, thank you for being an honest, vulnerable, intuitive, and kind facilitator."

Amber is an excellent collaborator and coordinator. She is a good critical thinker and is considerate of everyone's viewpoints and offerings. She takes pride in her work and is passionate about her language and culture. She is also passionate about social justice and is an activist for many different causes. Amber was born to help people work through conflict and cultivate healthy relationships. I have learned a lot from Amber and enjoy the gifts she has to share. She is also timely, responsible, and gives her best effort in the activities he pursues.” - Lily Watson, Gaelic learner/speaker, Little Judique, CB

“Since 2019, I have participated in two successful week-long Gaels' Jam events co-facilitated by Amber. I can attest to the community building that results between participants and to the dedication that Amber places on her role as a constructive facilitator. Amber's vision and leadership have been driving forces in developing and coordinating these gatherings for the better part of a decade. I recommend her for any workshops that she may offer in the future.” - Mr. Edward C. MacDonell, Halifax, NS