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Our Philosophy

It is our belief that we are inherently interconnected and interdependent - not only person to person - through mind, spirit, heart and body, but to all living things, including other species and the earth. Whether we reflect upon it often or not, our interdependence is a central part of our human experience. We also believe that our sense of wholeness or authenticity and our ability to be compassionate towards others are directly related to our understanding and embodiment of this reality.

We are living in a time of vast and intentional divisions, pain and suffering created both from the greater power structures and organizations that surround us as well as within ourselves, our communities, families and sometimes our own homes. We may not feel safe or we may feel disconnected or alienated in these spaces.

We all exist within communities, acknowledged or unacknowledged. For some, these communities involve strong identities of culture, language, and land or sense of belonging. These may be communities who organize around issues of political affiliation, sexual identity, religious or spiritual practice, health, trauma or other values and ideals. It is our affiliation to these communities that brings meaning to our lives and also has the potential to bring us anxiety, shame, guilt and loneliness. Some of us have privilege and power in some areas of our life and feel a strong desire to be in solidarity with those who are marginalized. We may also feel privilege in one area of our life and marginalization in another.

If our nature then is to be connected and yet all around us we witness and experience divisions we can often end up at odds within our own hearts and minds and also in our relationships. We believe the work of healing these divides not only allows us to live our best life, it also creates a more just and equitable world for all.