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Terry's Book, Why the Dalilama is a Socialist
To the surprise of many, the Dalai Lama recently declared that, 'I am a socialist'. While many Buddhists and socialists would be perplexed at the suggestion that their approaches to life share fundamental principles, important figures in the Buddhist tradition are increasingly framing contemporary social and economic problems in distinctly socialist terms. In this novel and provocative work, Terry Gibbs argues that the shared values expressed in each tradition could provide signposts for creating a truly humane, compassionate and free society. Hopeful about our potential to create the 'good society' through collective effort, Why the Dalai Lama is a Socialist is grounded in the fundamental belief that everyday human activity makes a difference.

Both vs. And

Amber explains how switching the word "but" to "and" in everyday speen can change the way you relate to the world. Make space for multiple truths with this basic and effective communication tool!


"I" Speech

Learn this one simple communication tool from Amber that can transform the way you feel about your own experiences and how others hear and understand you.

Women in Gaelic Culture

Amber speaks to Bernadette Campbell of the Gaelic Narrative Project an initiative of How We Thrive about the important role of Women in Gaelic culture.